IGSB or ‘Ik Gran Saarve’ Bhumee’ is the initiation of Saarve’ Bhumee projects in J&K State. As the name suggests, it is the very first project under Saarve’ Bhumee Concept. It is a unique site in the vicinity of Mansar Lake. There is a big Shikargah and forest surrounding it. The site has unparalleled natural views and its own rocky- mountainous land features lending unique identity to it. Besides, there is Loonkapani, a salt-water natural spring just adjacent to IGSB site, well known for its medicinal value. There is a continuous bubbling of Natural Gas through the spring.


IGSB along with its co-builder, Spur Dshelters, is going to promote local tourism in Jammu Area and attract people to visit the un-traversed areas having huge environmental and ecological value. In the vicinity of IGSB lie: Mansar (22 KM), Surinsar Lake (37 KM), Sukrala Devi Temple (45 KM), Ancient temples of Baboor (20 KM), Chountra Mata (18 KM) and Ancient Shiv Temple at Khoon (4 KM). Jammu has abundance of such Ecological Landscapes, suitable for developing tourist infrastructure. Many states, like Uttrakhand, have taken initiatives in such concepts of promoting their all types of natural locations for Tourism, Holiday Homes and Resorts. Travelling a distance of 60 to 100 KM is never an issue for resort lovers. There is always a scope for a ‘Get-Away’ place. IGSB is proposed on a Safe and beautiful piece of land measuring 25 Kanals. Dome Shaped Hut was finalized for the First Phase of the project and we have obtained formal sanction for the construction of more than 28 Dome Huts plus other facilities on site.


Proposed features:

Dome- Huts with the most ecologically sensitive construction and living.

Picnic Lawns, Children Play areas, Concept Gaming and Swings for all ages

Each Hut with own Kitchen, besides some types of open Kitchens (Barbeques, etc), Bon-fires, Rain Dance Floor (in near future), Trekking, Biking and camping on site