Saarve Bhumee ‘my own land’ evolved as a unique concept of contributory investment in land and developed from an earlier concept: Saarve-Bhum. The concept was to purchase a pig lot in a remote but prospective area, develop an informal plan with equal sized lots, allot them amongst the participants, designate common areas, designate a common land use for all lots, prepare proposals and execute. The plan was duly executed and a piece of land measuring 4 acres was purchased on a Picturesque site at ‘Loonkapani, Khoon, Majalta, Udhampur, J&K’, having direct road access and freehold, in the year 2009.) After the purchase formalities were completed, the site was found suitable enough for a ‘Holiday Home (collective) resort’. A total number of 64 participants joined the project. The Project went thru several stages:


  • Deliberations, presentations & meetings followed in the subsequent years and many types of residential plans and schemes were discussed.  
  • Upto 2013, no participant came forward ‘on his own’ to execute first Holiday Home Hut, even after being provided detailed estimates of different types of hutments possible on the designated plots (28ft x 28ft).
  • In the year 2014, a fresh plan of converting the project into a Holiday Home- Eco Tourist Resort with more amenities but with lesser number of huts was prepared and presented.
  • Later in the year 2015, yet another set of design was made and promoted amongst participants and through social media having Dome Shells designed by Spur D Shelters as the basis of planning.
  • A detailed survey (Sept 2015) amongst general population of Jammu was conducted (A sample Size: 200) regarding their vision and aspirations about an ‘Eco Resort’ near Jammu.
  • The survey outcome was positive with majority of people expressing their desire and choice for Dome Huts in the resort as well as their interest in a ‘Week-End Eco Retreat’, willing to travel upto 100 KM from Jammu for such a recreation/ destination.
  • Encouraged by this, a formal approval from the BDO office Khoon was obtained for the ‘Holiday Homes’.
  • In the final site plan (Annexure: A), a scope of 12 to 14 Dome Huts of three different types was kept in the central space.
  • This layout Plan has inputs and consent of majority of participants.  It was deemed to be a more viable option as it would increase commercial viability of the project in long term.
  • Six participants (namely: Sh Anil Ghaie, Sh Ajay Khajuria, Sh Prayas Tukra, Sh Lakshmi Narayan, Sh Sunish Gupta and Sh Vivek Sagar Sharma) came forward, showed their interest in the project and raised their financial stakes to allow for the mandatory R&D and preparatory works to be executed before the formal executions.
  • On being contacted, Spur Dshelters constructed a first prototype dome at Babliana Jammu and later a 22ft Dia Dome Hut at IGSB site.
  • During the period lapsed, several rounds of plantation was carried out in the site but on a limited scale as tree protections were mandatory for their survival in such an open site.

Having a body of 64 persons was a boon and meant almost a guarantee of certain level of development and progress of a virgin site like that of Saarve Bhumee, Loonkapani. It is understood that an investment of as low as Rs 22,500/- for some, in a land –based project was an ‘OK’ thing but on the point of further mandatory investments to take the project, a body with 64 persons is the real bane, a tough task to handle and statistics reveal the real story:


  1. Since its inception in the year 2009, with 64 participants, only 24 participants have visited the site once or more times.
  2. Only 16 participants are keeping regular track of activities on site.
  3. Only 6 participants have raised their stakes in the project to more than 1 Lakh.
  4. More than 10 participants have already sought informal withdrawal from the project.
  5. No Holiday Home Hut was constructed till Jan 2016.
  6. In Jan 2016 the first Dome Hut, type B, 22 ft Diameter was constructed on IGSB site with the aid of SPUR DSHELTERS SERVICES PVT LTD.


During all these years, major overhaul has been accomplished regarding the marking and distribution of spaces on site. Twelve Huts stand marked and a detailed landscaping work using cut and fill of the site has been done. A tube-well bore has been pierced in the North-East end of the site; however no submersible pump has been installed. As of now, the lone Dome Hut stands as a witness to the immense hard work, enterprise and creative inputs put up by the team Saarve Bhumee.  The site has evolved from a naïve mountainous, untouched valley to a well marked presentable landscape still demanding more efforts and inputs.

NGO Prasaar, through its affiliate bodies:

Saarve Bhumee and Spur Dshelters


Ik Gran

First-ever Dome Huts’ Resort and Eco-Tourist Village in Jammu




Ik Gran: The Project


Saarve’ Bhumee- has been conceived as a forum of interested entrepreneurs in unique Land- Based- Projects inviting their direct participation on the condition of equal incentive and stake.

Ik Gran Saarve’ Bhumee or IGSB is the initiation of Saarve’ Bhumee projects in J&K State. As the name (in Dogri Language) suggests, it is the first project under Saarve’ Bhumee Concept.  It is situated in the vicinity of a popular natural salt-water spring called: ‘Loonkapani’ near the historical town: ‘Khoon’ in Majalta Tehsil of Udhampur district of J&K State. Khoon owes its name to the times of ‘Mahabharata’ together with the popular Mansar Lake. Loonkapani on the other hand, is a salt-water natural spring just adjacent to the site. There is a continuous bubbling of Natural Gas through the spring which is well known for its medicinal value. There is a big Shikar-gah and forest surrounding it. The site has unparalleled natural views and its own rocky features lending unique identity to it. The site is approached through a 2.3 Km link from a major highway called Dhar Road, linking Himachal to Udhampur through District Kathua.


Ik Gran: The Inspiration

It is a well known fact that there are several picturesque and potential sites in the hills and ravines around Jammu City, suitable for developing tourist infrastructure. Travelling some distance has never been an issue for a resort lover. There are many who like to spend some time peacefully in a ‘get-away’ home, in the lap of nature. Jammu has much to show case but no tourist infrastructure to count upon. It is high time that people of Jammu just rise above their selves and think differently.

Seven years ago, this concept IK GRAN got seeded and a beautiful piece of land measuring 3 Acres was secured in the vicinity of ‘Loonkapani’ a known eco-tourist village. It was unanimously resolved to turn this site into an Economical Holiday Home Resort, open to public. Thus, IGSB was born as an outcome of big-brainstorming on the project by Saarve’ Bhumee forum and Spur Dshelters. Dome Shaped Huts were finalized for the First Phase of the project and formal sanction for the construction of 28 Dome Huts plus other facilities on site was obtained from local authorities. In addition to the unique Dome Huts’ stay, IGSB shall also have various recreational facilities on site, like: Golf Putting, Badminton, Table Tennis, Rain Dance, Fish Pond, Birds’/pets’ Cages, Swings for all, Defined children play areas,  Lawns, Barbeques, etc, to enhance the experience during the stay.

Even if a season of Six Months of winter (October to March) is targeted, IGSB shall still be able to deliver enormous pleasure, memorable experiences to each visiting family/ individual and high monetary returns to the investor.



We have dared to dream the un-imaginable and conceive the un-conceivable, and now it’s up to the public to reflect and reciprocate.

‘Saarve Bhumee’ Account Details:

JKB, Rail Head, Jmu, JAKA0ERAILH; A/c No: 0022010100000136; PAN: ABTFS5536M




Promotional Cost Break-up Offers (Applicable Upto 31.05.2016 only)

Hut Type

Covered Area


Cost of Structure of a Hut*

Cost of a Semi-finished Hut*

Additional Cost of Site Development per Hut to be paid in 12 months*


330 sft

1 Room

+ 1 Toil

2.48 Lacs

3.48 Lacs

1.5 Lacs

(In 3 Instalments)


475 sft

1 Room

+ 1 Toil

+ 1 Kit

3.28 Lacs

4.78 Lacs

2.0 Lacs

(In 4 Instalments)


610 sft

2 Rooms

+ open Kit + 1 Toil

4.17 Lacs

6.17 Lacs

2.5 Lacs

(In 5 Instalments)

*Terms and Conditions apply

Role of Spur Dshelters, Club OSAAR and NGO Prasaar

A shell, like an igloo or may be a dome, is the most stable and most natural form of structure. Shells have the ability to with-stand earthquakes, hurricanes, snow blizzards and even windstorms. Hence, a shell is the most dependable form of a shelter for us. Shell structures are visually catchy too; they convey grace and authority at the same time. Dome Houses/ Shells/ tented structures are the future of Tourism Industry. Our pursuit to build the most natural, the most stable, the safest, the healthiest, the most cost effective and the most beautiful shells has led us to Spur Dshelters.

                                   First Dome Hut by Spur Dshelters                     Second Dome Hut by Spur Dshelters

Spur Dshelters owns the most innovative method of constructing Shells : www.facebook.com/saarshells

Club OSAAR has been created for enhancing the experience of IGSB. A Guest House; a Club House; A Wellness Centre; A Dogra-menu Restaurant; Off-shoot huts at important tourist destinations; Trekking, Biking, Camping and local tourism are amongst its various plans. Anyone can be a member of Club OSAAR.

Prasaar, an NGO working in the field of Education and Creativity, has always supported ideas that are progressive and creative. Saarve’ Bhumee represents one such idea through Prasaar. Prasaar is working in the field of Education and Creativity. Any individual, who feels himself/herself creative enough, is welcome in Prasaar. As a Prasaar member, you should be a great believer in the Great Civilization of India and should always stand for it. You are expected to behave the most responsibly in the society as Prasaar does not own irresponsible citizens. Your life should be a role model for the society. You are expected to provide full and transparent information about yourself. One can get Prasaar Membership on a meagre Subscription fee. One needs to qualify as a member of Prasaar to participate in the project: IK GRAN.

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