Spur D takes up complete civil-work of Shell- Structure; from foundation to slab (specifications and drawings shall be issued). Internal partitions and other changes in the layout of the huts are possible. Complete finishes, furnishing, additional features and elements are done on request. Suitable land or surface for construction of Dome Shell is provided by the owner. Spur D also takes up site layout design, landscape and supervision of project, if required.

Spur D s is further planning to promote the images and videos of the constructed huts, put up branding badges on Hut Surface, hire more professionals for execution of projects and enter into MOUs with contractors/firms for project implementation and management.

The following forms the basic product line of Spur D:

  1. Cast-In-Situ RCC Domes and Shells
  1. Simple Dome Shell


  1.  Multiple-Connected Domes/ Shells
  1. Shell Sculpture/ Shell Landscape/ Children Play-way


  1. Form Combination Shells (Sphere + other forms)
  2. Perforated Shells


  1. Shell based Building Components: This category of product shall be a linking ground between the existing Building Industry and Spurred Shells.


Shell Cantilevers/Awnings for Door and Window Openings

The product line for the Future of SShell Technology shall be: Bubble Shell, Vertical Shell, Randomized Shells, Multi- Layered Shell (industrial application), Fibre-Cast Shell, Shell upon Shells,

Prefabricated Transportable Air-Crete Shell, Shell in Stabilized Mud Technology, etc.


Shells and Domes already have an established position as a Standard Built Form in the world, but the visible market of Domes and Shells is based upon awareness level of the public. For example, in USA, Monolithic Domes have already constructed more than 4000 domes of various types, but in India there are very few takers of their technology; rate of constructing a Monolithic Dome (appox Rs. 2300 per sft) may be discouraging. Since, our State of Jammu & Kashmir falls under the Seismic Zone –V and IV, which is highly vulnerable for earthquakes, shells can transform the way we think about habitat. Shell is altogether new introduction in building industry of J&K and even India.


A look at the major milestones achieved by Spur D till date showcases its growth and research base. We have successfully completed prototype models of Dome Shells, working in an almost identical manner of the actual construction process; successful construction of first ever Dome Shell of SShell technology (then known as radial formwork) of 16 ft internal diameter, 9 ft clear ht, in Jammu in 2015; and successful construction of second Dome Shell of Spurred shell technology, perfected for 21 ft internal diameter, 12 ft clear ht, in Udhampur in 2016.


Spur D proposes the following Development and Marketing Plan:

  • Active presence on Social Media and Cyber-Space.
  • Construction of commercial Web Site with visuals, stills and videos, having an easy to browse: Gallery, Inspiration tab, Product and Package Details & Shopping Cart.
  • Community participation in further development of innovation.
  • Involving Professional in the field of construction for the product promotion.
  • Alignment with local industry for ease of manufacturing of components.
  • Liaison with the Tourism Department for introducing Dome Huts.
  • Building and developing some Dome-Hut Clusters on cost-to-cost basis in the hills and remote areas of Jammu and Kashmir for people to get the real feel. Thus promoting the Eco Tourism & giving our product an ‘elitist’ touch.
  • Later we may promote ourselves as the best deal in the Global- Shelter Development by projecting its low-ecological-foot-print and its unique eco-sustainable properties.
  • Introducing and integrating Roof-Top-Solar-Energy-Panels for energy security.
  • Introducing Rain-Water Run-Off management/ harvesting systems/ innovations for water security.
  • Introducing, developing and integrating Air-Crete Technology suitable to our shells.
  • Introducing and developing stabilized Mud technology suitable to our shells.


The Shell form is the main USP and the main challenge in itself. As of now, the trend of building industry is shying away from experimenting with Dome-Shaped Structural elements for aesthetical or fundamental use. The major reasons, as studied and discussed, are the cost incurred in the formwork of Dome and the rising land cost. Bigger domes continue to be unimaginable for a contractor and promoter to construct economically, while the rising land cost in urban/ semi-urban areas discourage such a form where the roof top is practically un-constructible and denied of vertical expansion. Since our technology promises to be the cheapest ever methodology even for bigger dome shells, it shall be promoted in the remote non-urban areas where the land cost is low and no desire of future expansions early. Currently, we are going to restrict our plans to Off-Grid and satellite/tourism clusters only.


We believe and know that the world is still waiting for an organic, economical and affordable method of constructing dome/ shell; if it happens, the world would cease to be the same. We are confident that our shells hold great prospects in the niche business because:


  1. They are the newest choice/method in the field of construction and habitat.
  2. They are the easiest to construct anywhere on this planet as they do not need complex skills, except in Spur-Hub Making: which can be industrialized; and all materials and machinery used are locally available.
  3. Projected cost per square feet shall be much lower than its competitors, which shall further decline with the Industrialization of the production base.


We shall take up full-fledged construction, structures and designing thereof. Our product range shall be huge and will continue to grow with time and research. Further with the changing Global Market operations, with people looking for new ideas and avenues, with people accessing internet for virtually anything, we have a full International Market at our disposal. Our nearest competitor shall be ‘Monolithic Domes’, but no defined competition in India, except the market itself.


Spurred Shells by SAAR i.e. Spur D, are now under the umbrella of SMVDU, hoping to break this barrier, get their product and message delivered to a large section of society and establish its own market by way of: Active presence on Social Media and Cyber-Space; Collaborative and participative development of innovation; Involving Professionals for the product promotion and liaison with the Tourism Department for immediate projection.


We are marching ahead; join us at the earliest as we mean business too.