Slogans: Spur D


We are the Most-Unique-Dome-Shells-in-the-World.


We are the Most Beautiful and Eye- Catchy thing in the building industry.


We are the Most Economical and liveable living units.


We are the Healthiest and the most Eco-friendly homes.


We are the first Cast in-situ-RCC-Multiuse-Monolithic Forms.


We are inspired from Nature and a Space-age Technology at the same time.


We are the most Future-Perfect-item.


We are applicable anytime anywhere.


We have the longest life span.


We are earthquake Resistant, Snow Storm Resistant, Hurricane Resistant.


We are Manageable and Maintainable anywhere.


We are perfect for Shelter, Storage and Scenery.


We are suitable to all geographical locations and all type of people.


We are available in several Sizes and Derivatives of Shell-Forms.


You can construct today and finish us later.


This is a Make-In-India Initiative.


This is the most promising Venture.


Let’s dream it; let’s make it; let’s live it.