Frequently Asked Questions:


Q. Why Domes or Shells?

Domes or Shells are the most natural forms for a shelter. They are most stable, most energy and resource effective. They can easily survive the worst natural calamities like Earthquakes, Tornados, Floods and Avalanches, etc. In principle they consume 30% less material than their other building cousins.

And we at Spur Dshelters are exploring the best of Dome Shells. We always believed that there must be a method to construct such domes and shells in a more nature- friendly way.


Q. What problem is your innovation addressing?

Our innovation relates to the construction of Dome-Shaped Structures suitable as small Human Shelters. World over communities are in need of an affordable building structure that is strong, comfortable and easy to build. The problem is that most of the existing technologies and structures do not fit on all these parameters, but Spur D can deliver that. Upon industrialization of our product line, we shall be able to deliver dome-shells that are the best and the cheapest ever.


Q. What are the construction issues that Spur D is trying to address?

Our innovation is basically about the formwork of a Dome-Shaped Shell. It is the novelist method. The only thing that makes a Dome or a Thin-Concrete-Shell costly is its formwork. We are developing a formwork which is mimicker a biological process and very economical. Spur D hopes to solve these formwork issues and make a concrete shell: damn cheap.


Q. What are your Dome- Shells made of?

Our Dome Shells are not made of any new material. We are using standard Reinforced Cement Concrete for casting our Shells. Till now Spur D is constructing only thin Shell Concrete Domes.


Q. What is the approximate life Span of Spur Domes?

Life Span of any standard RCC Dome structure is 60 years minimum and can serve you for more than 100 years if maintained well.

Q. What is the response of Spur Domes in summers or winters, or in different climatic Zones?

Dome Shells tend to be the most energy efficient. With slight insulation and water proofing, that every concrete structure requires our Dome Shells perform better than all other types of masonry or RCC Structures. A Spur-Dome shell with a suitable height provides comfortable interiors in both summer and Winter Zones.


Q. How big can a Spur Dome be made?

As of now, we have tested our technology of Dome Shells of 22 ft Diameter with heights up-to 12 ft at the centre. We are working on a 30 ft module with 17 ft height.

Q. What about Ventilation, Lighting, Heating and Cooling?

An even better feature of Spur Domes is that our technology allows us to apply and experiment with all types of openings in our Shell. We can puncture or protrude it anywhere we like to in any direction, but as per the permissibility of Civil Design. We are making our Dome Shells most ventilated and naturally lighted. We are integrating many passive or active means of heating and cooling with our Shells to deliver the best of experiences. Even for these artificial methods of heating or cooling, Spur Domes shall be able to save on up-to 50% on energy bill because of its form design.



Q. What other benefits does these Spur Domes are offering?

According to the life style needs of people we are offering several forms of shells and domes, making them aesthetically extra ordinary: very pleasing: very organic and very natural.

Q. What is the solution to the Sound Echo problem?

Sound Echo or reverberation is a common feature to all Dome-Shaped Structures. It no longer remains a problem when you put in some partition in it, some furniture to fill in and lots of ventilation points in the dome surface. We do exactly that. Besides the small reverberation effect that remains good for the soul. It has a natural healing effect. It is actually fantastic for some people.


Q. How can regular and ordinary furniture items used in Spur D Domes?

All circular shaped building face this problem of adjusting the common furniture like Beds, Sofas, Almirahs, etc. A bit of preplanning almost solves this problem. A partition or low height wall here and there can create an ambience and allow your regular furniture to be put in. If you put in curvilinear furniture or beds in it, the problem ceases to exist.

Q. What is the cost comparison of your Dome Shells?

Our basic Dome Shells cost is almost 1/3 of the cost of the most popular RCC Dome constructors of the world and almost 40% less than the best of the conventional domes.


Q. What is its maintenance Cost?

Spur D Shells and Domes are made of best of materials available in the market and are casted monolithic, therefore they pose no major Civil Work issues and a very negligible post construction repairs. Unless and until you want to alter the interiors, you need no further investment.

Q. Are you thinking of more variety?

We have demonstrated through our models and current works that our product line shall be the best of innovations in the field and we further plan to introduce even more imaginative shells and shell-variants for various other uses.


Q. What are the markets for you products?

 Presently our line of products is meant for State Tourism, Global Tourism industry & Off Grid Housing ; but soon we shall take a leap towards developing and constructing Low Cost Housing, Natural Calamity Resistance Researches, Relief and Rehabilitation, etc.

Q. Looking globally, then where are you aiming at?

We are aiming towards a big research and foundation for collaborative efforts towards developing the best of such natural and organic forms for all types of housing. We shall definitely land into international arena after a few more innovations and strategic inputs.


Q. This is a niche segment; your views.

Dome Shell construction is indeed a niche segment today, but with the pace the world is changing and accepting new ideas that are for their general welfare; it won’t be long before education about spreads and take roots and people take individual preferences and knowledge seriously. Till then we are ready to target and serve the niche sector only.

Q. What competition are you going to face?

There are several prominent workers and developers in the parallel fields internationally. Monolithic, Dome Giaia, are good examples to name a few. But we are actually not competing with them right now. All of us are like ‘Awareness Portals’ making the ground for each other.

Here in India, we are not aware of other people taking the plunge. No recent history of taking dome-shells so seriously and hence a niche market and very little competition.


Q. How do you think SPUR D is different?

Our source of inspiration is different. Our progress has been different. Our challenges are different. Our delivery is different.


Q. Why should people buy Spur Domes?

Our Dome-Shells are exquisite, natural and interesting. The process of making Spur Domes is very fundamental. Our Dome-Shells are the best and the most economical. Our Dome Shells convey the organic truth. It will be the soul mate for the saintly. It will be the lap of mother for a workaholic. It will be a void for peace finder. It will be flashy for the flamboyant. It will be a prized asset for a businessman. It will be a sweet home for a family. You can’t stop thinking about a Spur Dome once you have met it.

Q. If constructing a dome or a shell is so beneficial, why don’t we see much domes and shells around?

It is very interesting to note that the biggest asset we create in our lifetime is a house which is most unaffordable for almost all of us. But still we are not sure that it will save our lives in the event of an earthquake and we tend to run out of it, when we should be running into it to save our lives from the adverse conditions, if it is a real shelter. This actually explains as to where are we moving even after so many centuries of Human Civilization. Shelter shall remain the biggest question mark to the Human Civilization.


Q. What is behind the name: Spur Dshelters?

Spur means to inspire (or agitate) and Dshelters stands for the phrase ‘the Shelters’ or ‘Dome Shelters’ or both.





FAQ’s more:


Q. What is the cost of a Spur Dome/Shell?

A Spur Dome costs minimum @ Rs 350/- per sft of the shell surface, which comes out to be approximately Rs 1050/- per sft of the covered area for routine shells. This is inclusive of the cost of complete building from foundations to the final plaster with simple flooring as per defined specifications.

Q Who will design my Spur Dome House as per my needs?

We at Spur Dshelters have the most competent team of architects to design your house as per your requirements. Presently we will do it at no additional cost.

Q Enlist Specifications of a Spur Dome:

Specifications for a Spur Dome less than 6 M or 20 ft dia:

  1. RCC ring foundation on a site, on hard soil, without extra earthwork, Flooring @ 12” from the NGL.
  2. Complete Shell casted monolithically in standard RCC design with shell-thickness: 5” at the bottom and 2.5” at the top.
  3. Door Window frames in Rolled and Pressed Steel sections.
  4. Flooring in simple cement conglomerate.
  5. 15 mm Cement Paster from outside.
  6. Water Proofing in Cement Based Standard Waterproofing Compounds and application methods.
  7. Plaster of Paris from inside: finishing the dome-shell as-it-is.

Specifications for a Spur Dome greater than 6 M but less than 8 M dia:

  1. RCC ring foundation on a site, on hard soil, without extra earthwork, Flooring @ 18” from the NGL.
  2. Complete Shell casted monolithically in standard RCC design with shell-thickness: 6” at the bottom and 2.5” at the top.
  3. Door Window frames in Rolled and Pressed Steel sections.
  4. Flooring in simple cement conglomerate.
  5. 15 mm Cement Paster from outside.
  6. Water Proofing in Cement Based Standard Waterproofing Compounds and application methods.
  7. Plaster of Paris from inside: finishing the dome-shell as-it-is.


Additional Works on extra cost:

  1. All works related to Plumbing and Electrical Services Layout.
  2. All works related to automation of building.
  3. Interior finishing and furnishing work of Dome/Shell like: marble or tile flooring, Door and Window panels in Wood, Wall finishes in wooden or tile work. Toilet fittings, furnishing and accessories, Kitchen layout, fittings, counters, etc; room furniture like bed, tables, chairs, wardrobes, shelves, curtains, carpets, etc.
  4. Landscape and Site Planning and Layout.


Other conditions:

  1. There is no limit to the number of Doors and Windows required but in total the cross-sectional width of the Doors should not be more than 25% of the internal circumference. And total are open should not be more than 25% of total surface area.