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Cabin-F, II Floor SMVDU, Katra (J&K)
Spur Dshelters

History and Inspiration

"Necessity is the mother of all inventions".

"Demand of a unique but affordable Holiday Home triggered a series of Working Models of Dome Huts, which lead to an invention now called 'Spurred Shells' or Spur Dshelters".

"But before that I was already working on a method of constructing domes using shells own stability while casting. The fascinating methods of constructing an Igloo using just snow always inspired me to imagine more."

"It just happened one fine day when I saw a big dictionary book opened and stretched from both ends steadily and slowly getting into a semi-circular form of outstretched papers of its own. It just triggered my imagination and the solution was born."

"A few failures in the formwork and our first dome-shell was ready in relatively short span of time."


"The technology continues to inspire more ideas and forms of shells. There seems to be no limit to the exploration into the world of Shells and Domes and we at Spur Dshelters are living every day inspired and spurred".
Ar Vivek Sagar Sharma (Mentor and Innovator)
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